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Even if you have a perfect oral hygiene routine at home, it can still be beneficial for you to schedule a dental cleaning at Brian Wong D.D.S. P.A. two times each year. Using advanced equipment, dental cleaning eliminates plaque and tartar that has built up, and then polishes your teeth for a healthier, brighter smile. After your treatment, you can ask for tips on ways to better clean your teeth at home and discover certain areas that may need extra care. A dental cleaning will give board-certified dentist Dr. Brian Wong a chance to check for any areas of concern in your mouth that may need care. Having a dental cleaning is a crucial step in keeping up your dental health, so make an appointment at our Frisco, TX location.

Best Candidates

The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends patients to have a professional cleaning two times per year. Children should have a visit to the dentist before they turn one and following that, our team can help you decide if your child is old enough for a dental appointment. A cleaning may help you avoid cavities because built-up plaque, the main reason for cavities, is treated. A dental cleaning will also remove stains and tartar from your teeth. If you want to freshen your breath, brighten your smile, improve your overall health, and avoid spending money on more expensive treatments, make an appointment for a dental cleaning at Brian Wong D.D.S. P.A.

What To Expect

Your cleaning will begin by addressing the tartar and plaque buildup from your enamel, which is challenging to remove at home with just daily brushing and flossing. Professional equipment is used to scale carefully without affecting the enamel. To begin, a device with ultrasonic technology breaks up large areas of plaque and tartar with a lubricating mist and high-speed vibrations. Next, handheld tools such as a scaler or curette will remove any remaining buildup. Every tooth will be treated individually to get all the plaque and tartar. After your teeth have been scaled, your enamel will be carefully polished to remove stains. If requested or needed, a professional fluoride treatment will be completed following your cleaning.


One of our trained dentists may recommend cleanings more often if you have other oral health concerns such as periodontal disease. Throughout your appointment, our dental hygiene staff will help you design a routine for good oral health at home by recommending dental products and demonstrating techniques that can focus on your concerns. These are advantages for your teeth, wallet, and overall health, so be sure to attend your dental appointments at Brian Wong D.D.S. P.A.

Insurance Coverage

A dental cleaning is a preventative treatment, so it's typically covered by insurance. A member of our office can talk to your insurance to decide your coverage before we charge for any remaining amount. If you don't have insurance, you can talk to one of our team members about the different methods of payment we take and medical financing.

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Help keep your mouth healthy with professional dental cleanings two times per year at Brian Wong D.D.S. P.A. in Frisco, TX. Dr. Wong and his team help both adults and children of any age to boost their total health with dental cleanings to clean away built-up tartar and plaque. As a crucial treatment in any preventative oral health plan, a professional dental cleaning may keep your family from developing dental problems and extensive procedures later. Contact our team to schedule appointments for your whole family.

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